Secret Revealed: The Best Daytime Anti-Aging Eye Cream

Secret Revealed The Best Daytime Anti-Aging Eye Cream

I have heard these questions asked numerous times. What is the best daytime anti-aging eye cream? What ingredients should I avoid in my daytime under-eye cream? I will answer these questions and more in this blog post. Get a cup of green tea and let us get started 🙂

Using an anti-aging eye cream is beneficial. Introducing an eye cream to your skincare regime will help protect, treat, and rejuvenate your under-eye skin. The under-eye skin is very fragile. This is why you need a specially formulated product that will hydrate and nourish the under-eye. Regular use of eye cream can minimize wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, and dark circles.

You should be aware that there are specific ingredients a good daytime anti-aging eye cream should not have. This blog post is to help you navigate the maze of finding an eye cream that will work the best for daytime use.

Top Ingredients To Avoid In Your Daytime Anti Aging Eye Cream

Here are two ingredients you need to avoid in your daytime anti aging eye cream.

Retinol / Retinyl Palmitate

Retinol is a derivative of Vitamin A, which is unstable in the presence of sunlight. Retinol/ Retinyl Palmitate and all its forms thin out the outermost layer of dead skin cells. This makes it easier for the harsh UV rays to penetrate your skin, leading to sunburn and skin damage. Do not be deceived that you can apply sunscreen to negate the negative effect of retinol and the sun. Your skin is prone to sun damage even after applying sunscreen. It should be noted that retinol makes the skin sensitive to the sun. I will advise you not to use products with retinol during the day.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs)

Alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) is a naturally derived acid that chemically exfoliates the skin. A few examples of AHA include glycolic acid, Lactic acid, etc. They remove the build-up of dead skin cells from the topmost layer of the skin. The under-eye skin is very delicate, the exfoliating effect of AHAs wears it down. This makes it more susceptible to ultraviolet (UV) radiation even on days you don’t use them. Avoid AHAs in your daytime anti-aging eye cream to prevent the sun from reacting with this ingredient and damaging your skin.

Top Ingredients To Look For In Your Daytime Anti Aging Eye Cream

Take a look at some ingredients your under-eye cream must have.

Hyaluronic Acid

This rockstar ingredient has intense moisturizing benefits. Why is it great for daytime use? The consistency is lightweight, almost water-like consistency that doesn't feel heavy on the under-eye area. Hyaluronic acid penetrates deep into the inner layers of the skin. It draws water to the under-eye skin for supple and smooth skin throughout the day. This makes hyaluronic acid a must-have in your Daytime Anti-Aging Eye Cream

Vitamin C Ester

This is one of our favorite ingredients here at WENmedics. It is the best of good old vitamin C without all the harshness and skin sensitivity. The benefits include its ability to reduce the appearance of dark spots, powered by its antioxidant benefits which protect the skin against free radicals.

A good daytime anti-aging eye cream should have Vitamin C Ester as one of its ingredients to give the under-eye skin all the care and protection it needs. Vitamin C ester is not harsh on the skin. It works gently on the skin, yet delivers the stunning results you want to see.

Have more questions regarding eye cream? We have a detailed blog post-Best Anti-Aging Eye Cream 2021 that has a goldmine of information on eye creams.

8 Mistakes to Avoid When Applying An Eye Cream

Sparkly eyes lend charm to your personality. But, the stress of a modern lifestyle, combined with certain environmental factors, can lead to under-eye skin issues like dark circles and wrinkles. A lifesaver for those dealing with under-eye skin issues, eye creams are one of the most sought after skincare products in the market today. However, to get the most out of this skincare essential it’s important to fix some common mistakes most people make when applying the product.

Don't Use Too Much

The under-eye area is relatively small, so you don’t really need too much product. Plus, most plant-based eye creams come at a higher price point compared to other skincare products, which means you don’t want to waste them. To get the most value for your buck, use only a pea-sized amount for each application. This will make the eye cream last longer and cover your entire under-eye area for best results.

Applying Eye Creams in Wrong Order

The order of applying skincare products matters a lot since it affects their absorption into the skin and the overall results. It’s best to check the instructions on the product packaging that’ll tell you more about using the cream with other skincare products. 

A general rule to keep in mind is that skincare products usually go from lighter consistency to heavier. This means, when layering products, apply the one with the thinnest texture and finish with the richer formula at the top. So, if your eye cream is richer than your moisturizer, you must apply the moisturizer first and layer the eye cream over it. But, as always, follow the eye cream’s packaging to see the advice of expert cosmetic chemists.

man rubbing his eyesRubbing Harshly On the Skin

The skin underneath your eyes is the most delicate and needs gentle care. Rubbing the product onto the under-eye skin will do more harm than good, leading to wrinkles and dark circles. Dot the eye cream for dark circles and puffiness and use your ring finger to dab it in. Use light strokes upward and outward with the same finger to blend in the product nicely with the skin. 

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Applying Your Eye Cream On Dry Skin

This is a common mistake most people make with eye creams. The skin around the eye is extra prone to dryness and damage since it has fewer sebaceous glands. For this reason, most eye creams are formulated with hydrophilic (water-loving) molecules to deliver an extra boost of hydration to this sensitive area of the skin. When you use your eye cream on over-dry skin, these hydrophilic molecules don’t have much moisture to latch onto so you’re not getting the full benefit from the product.

To get the best results from your eye cream, always apply it over moist skin. This locks in hydration and replenishes the skin’s natural moisture barrier, giving you that dreamy complexion you want. Remember to apply the eye cream immediately after washing your face, while it’s still wet. Tap the cream and blend it gently so the skin cells can absorb the hydration. Besides, wet skin allows easy application of the product, which prevents tugging and friction, protecting that delicate patch of skin from damage.

Slow Down, You're Moving Too Fastwoman with smeared lipstick

Don’t rush your skincare routine. Layering products too quickly is a common mistake. Once you’ve applied the eye cream, let it sit for a minute or two before moving onto makeup. This will allow the skin to absorb the product fully and prevent the cream from shifting when you apply makeup. 

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Apply Only At Bedtime?

Heard of twice as nice? This saying is totally applicable to eye creams, and don’t let anyone tell you-you only need an eye cream at night. Just like you should cleanse your skin and use a nighttime moisturizer, you also need to use an eye cream, both in the morning and at night. Here’s why — as you step out during the day, you’ll encounter environmental stressors like the harsh rays of the sun and pollutants, which can have a damaging impact on the under-eye skin. An eye gel, or an eye cream is your first line of defense to protecting your skin against environmental pollution and free radical damage.

eye cream in a containerFor daytime use, choose a lightweight eye gel with a water-based formulation that absorbs quickly into the skin, leaves no oily residue, and best of all — eye gels often contain soothing botanical extracts like green tea that reduce under-eye puffiness for brighter more spectacular eyes.

Your skin repairs and regenerates at night, and to help this process an under-eye skin cream is a must for your bedtime skincare routine. Choose a dense and hydrating eye cream that will pack on moisture and nutrients to restore and rebalance the sensitive skin under your eyes.

Getting the Product Too Close to The Eyes

Your eyes are extremely sensitive, and you must exercise caution when applying any skincare product around the eyes. Even though an eye cream is formulated for the under-eye area, it should never be applied near the lashes, over eyelids, or even near the inner corners of the eyes. Doing this is cutting it too close, and you risk getting the product into your eyes which can lead to irritation.

To apply eye cream the right way, simply dot the product along the orbital bone, right under your eyebrow. Also, apply a little under your eyes about half an inch below your lash line. Tap gently using the ring finger and blend well. 

Pay Attention to the Formula!

Last but not the least, not all eye creams are made equal. Depending on your skin’s concerns, it’s important to choose a product that addresses those issues. From dark circles, age spots, and hyperpigmentation to wrinkles and fine lines, there are wide-ranging under-eye skin problems. To ensure you get the most out of your eye cream, look for a product that’s formulated to address specific skin concerns. 

Ready to bid farewell to those pesky under-eye skin woes? With our tips and some slight changes to your routine, you’ll surely see the best results.

Look and Feel Beautiful: Top 5 Skincare Tips For Women Over 50.

Look and Feel Beautiful: Top 5 Skincare Tips For Women Over 50.

We all want to age like fine wine. However, with age comes issues including wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. For women in their 50s, WENmedics has a range of skincare products with a targeted focus for skin concerns such as wrinkles, dark circles, and fine lines. While our skincare line can surely help with skin concerns associated with aging, here’s a blog that outlines easy and effective ways to take care of mature skin. Let’s dive in to learn more.

Wear Sunscreen Daily

This is our number one piece of advice for everyone, regardless of their age. Exposure to the damaging UV rays not just accelerates aging signs, but more importantly it could lead to serious problems like skin cancer. Reach for a sunscreen with SPF 30 or greater and look for a product labeled as broad-spectrum for optimal sun protection. Come rain or shine, sunscreen is your first line of defense against sun damage. This will go a long way in preventing wrinkles and fine lines from getting worse. 

Use a Moisturizer Formulated For Mature Skin

Asian woman over 50 looking out a window

After the age of 30, most women notice that their skin becomes increasingly dry. By the time you’re in the 50s and beyond, dry skin issues aggravate, causing the skin to look blotchy and dull. To combat these problems, you’ll need a skincare product that effectively targets dry skin and helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. An easy way to remove wrinkles is to opt for a moisturizer formulated for mature skin. Scan the ingredients label carefully to look for age-fighting ingredients such as clinically proven peptides, ceramides, and botanical extracts. Peptides are building blocks for skin-boosting proteins that help keep your complexion naturally supple and elastic. Women in their 50s must absolutely use a moisturizer featuring peptides since they tell your cells to produce more collagen, which helps tightens the skin for a more youthful appearance.

Find an Enriching Facial Oil

The main reason why mature skin looks listless is because it’s extra dry. For women in their 50s dealing with concerns such as wrinkles and wondering how to get rid of crow’s feet and fine lines around the eyes and forehead, we highly recommend making a nurturing facial oil part of your skincare routine. Face oils strengthen and protect the natural fat in the skin, which is why if aging is a concern for you, face oil should rank high on your list of skin priorities.  

Many women believe that facial oils can lead to greasiness causing breakouts. But this is a myth. The fact is, oils actually stabilize and regulate sebum, encouraging a clearer, brighter complexion. Older skin will especially benefit from introducing face oil at night. Look for a facial oil fortified with vitamins including Vitamin A, E, and C and antioxidants. The skin-loving blend of vitamins and antioxidants can soothe dry and irritated skin, and we love them because they’re essentially like a facial for your skin in a bottle! 

Eye Care Routine for Crow's Feet, Dark Circles and Under-Eye Puffiness

Exfoliation Is Important

Exfoliation is a must as we age. And here’s why – the outermost layer of the skin contains a layer of dead skin that thickens as the years go by. To unveil a fresher complexion, exfoliation is a key step for women in their 50s. When looking for an exfoliating product for mature skin, ensure it’s gentle and non-drying in nature. Scrubs with large particles like apricot pits should be avoided, as they can cause micro-tears in the skin and worsen existing skin conditions like wrinkles. We recommend exfoliating products containing natural ingredients including enzymes, green tea extract, glycolic or lactic acid, and honey. These nourishing components will slough off dead skin cells and accumulated dirt and debris without drying out your skin. Chemical peels are an option too. But, mature skin may be sensitive to some ingredients in chemical peels, so it’s best to consult with a dermatologist before using one. 

Use a Dark Circles Eye Cream

older_female_applying_eye_creamThe delicate under-eye skin is most susceptible to wrinkles, dark circles, and crow’s feet since it lacks oil glands found in other parts of the skin and is also thinner in nature. Most women, especially those in their 40s and 50s, find that the under-eye area is the most troublesome zone, betraying telltale signs of aging the most. That’s why a dark circles eye cream is crucial to caring for mature skin. Eye creams with powerful botanical extracts and anti-aging ingredients are most effective at getting rid of wrinkles and aging signs. Plus, brightening agents such as Vitamin C can help fade those dark-colored rings around your eyes for a much younger look. In addition to a hydrating moisturizer designed for mature skin, make it a point to use eye cream twice daily to make your under-eye skin look smooth and supple.

Embrace aging with confidence! Use our tried and tested skincare tips to keep your skin healthy and glowing, so age becomes just a number!

Skincare Products that Will Help You Achieve Glowing Summer Skin.

Skincare Products that Will Help You Achieve Glowing Summer Skin.

Prep your skin for the summer with minor tweaks to your skincare routine. Wenmedics has prepared for you the top 7 products you'll need to revamp your skincare, so your skin remains healthy and glowing all summer long!


Woman getting ready to apply sunscreenThis one is obvious, but it’s also the most important, so be sure to place this at the top of your list! Whether you’re stepping out to run errands or heading out to the beach to take in the summer sun, always remember to use sunscreen on all exposed areas of the body, The American Dermatological Association (ADA) recommends sunscreen with SPF 30 or above, since it offers about 97% protection from the UV rays. Look for a broad-spectrum product that shields against both UVA and UVB rays for maximum coverage. Remember, an effective sunscreen guards not just against aging signs such as wrinkles and fine lines, but also prevent serious conditions such as skin cancer.

Hydrating Face Cleanser

Sun-drenched skin needs hydrating ingredients, even when cleansing it. Summer skin can be a mess, thanks to the excess sweat and sunscreen, and that’s the reason you need to cleanse it thoroughly twice daily. But rich, cream-based cleansers won’t work for this time of the year. Instead, you need a lightweight cleanser that will draw out impurities and oil deposits, leaving your skin feeling clean and refreshed. A foaming cleanser with skin-soothing ingredients such as cucumber extract can calm irritated skin post sun-bathing. 

Micellar Water

As the temperatures and humidity levels rise, sweating is a common problem that many of us encounter. While sweating is perfectly normal, not removing perspiration from your skin’s surface can lead to several skin troubles (read: acne and breakouts). Here’s our favorite skincare accessory that’s perfect for the summer — micellar water. Also known as no-rinse facial cleansing water, we recommend keeping a bottle of micellar water handy for all of summer’s sweaty situations. 

We love skincare products that make life easier, and this product is one of them because it allows you to cleanse your skin without the need to rinse or rub. It’s powered by tiny micelles—oil molecules that attract dirt, oil, and makeup build-up and remove them from the surface of the skin. The best part? It cleanses the complexion while ensuring your skin stays hydrated. The water-based formulation delivers a gush of hydration to tired skin, reviving and refreshing it for an instant glow. It’s like a cleanser and moisturizer built into one product, cool isn’t it?

Soothing Face Maskswoman with a soothing face mask on her face

With all that sun exposure, it’s natural that the skin tends to look dull and tired. While cleansing and moisturizing can help revive dull-looking skin, we love showering some extra TLC to soothe the complexion, especially after a long day. Face masks are great to use at night or in the evening for some relaxing ‘me-time’. Pro tip: Store your face masks in the refrigerator and pull out a cool mask, seek a quiet nook, and let the calming ingredients in the mask work their magic on the skin. When choosing a face mask for summer, look for cooling and hydrating ingredients such as green tea extract, Aloe Vera juice, or rosewater. These natural ingredients are great to perk up the complexion and feature healing properties that can ease dry skin and irritation.

Water-Based Moisturizer

While a rich cream is perfect for winter, summer calls for lighter products that hydrate the skin without weighing it down with excess oils. But, you could ask, do I really need a moisturizer during the summer, given that sweat and humidity already make the skin oily? Here’s our answer — even though the skin does tend to get greasy during this time of the year, external factors like pollution, UV rays, and increased sun exposure can damage the skin’s moisture barrier, causing the skin to become dull and dehydrated. To combat this, you absolutely need a moisturizer. Just make sure it’s a water-based formulation with hydrating ingredients that don’t clog pores. Hyaluronic acid and Aloe Vera are our go-tos in a summer moisturizer. Hyaluronic acid is an ultra-nourishing component that draws moisture to the skin and locks it in for soft and supple skin. It contains no oils and has a gel-like consistency that soothes the skin and is perfect for the summer. 

Facial Mist

woman spraying facial mistThe cool spritz from a facial mist is the perfect midday pick-me-up for sun-scorched skin. Carry a bottle in your tote, so you can refresh your skin on the go. We love facial mists with naturally hydrating ingredients such as coconut water or aloe vera with a boost of vitamins like Vitamin C. Spray liberally on your face and neck to quench parched skin.

BB Cream

Summer is about keeping skincare simple and fuss-free. Multi-purpose facial products are great since they cut down the need to apply many products and help simplify your skincare routine. Want the perfect base for your makeup without the need for primer and foundation? Try a BB cream. This product primes and moisturizes your skin and creates a flawless base on which you can layer your makeup. Bonus — you only need this one product and you’re ready for a face makeover. It’s the perfect finishing to your summer skincare essentials and the best product to create the very trendy minimal makeup look that personifies the free-spirited vibe of summer.

These summer-centric beauty products can make a world of difference to your skin. We hope we’ve made summer skincare a tad easier for you so you can flaunt glowing skin this season!

The Top 9 Causes Dark Eye Circles Appear Under Your Eyes, and How To Solve Them.

The Top 9 Causes Dark Eye Circles Appear Under Your Eyes, and How To Solve Them.

Do you always look like you’ve pulled an all-nighter, all thanks to dark circles under your eyes that dull your appearance? It’s a common problem, seen in both men and women, across all ages. From fatigue to genetics, aging, dehydration and allergies, there are several causes for dark circles. However, in most cases, dark circles rarely indicate a serious medical condition. If you’re dealing with this bothersome skin issue, here’s a guide that’ll help you better understand the top reasons that cause dark circles. By tackling the root causes, you may be able to prevent their occurrence in the first place.

Why Do Dark Circles Affect the Skin Under Your Eyes? 

We know they’re called under-eye circles, but there’s a reason they appear beneath the eyes. Under-eye skin is one of the fragile areas of skin in the human body. This finely textured area of skin lacks oil glands and subcutaneous tissue, which makes it super susceptible to dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness. While dark circles form because of a myriad of reasons, the thin skin under the eyes makes them look very pronounced, so you’ll notice them more prominently in areas under the eyes and around them.

Top 9 Reasons for Under Eye Rings

Why do these annoying dark circles occur? Here are the top reasons!


This is one is beyond your control, but is considered one of the most important reasons why some people develop dark circles. If your parents or someone in your family has dark circles, you’re more likely to experience this problem too. In other words, dark circles can also be hereditary and may run in families. People belonging to melanin-rich ethnicities may be more susceptible to getting dark circles. Increased amounts of the melanin pigment in these individuals means dark circles become noticeable when exposed to sunlight or stress. 


Beautiful Oder WomanAging takes its toll on the skin and if we’re talking about a delicate skin zone like the one below the eyes, aging surely has a not-so-nice impact. With age, the skin loses its elasticity and the protein fibers that support it begin to wear down. You lose fat and collagen, and as this occurs the blood vessels beneath the surface of the epidermis show through. Those unwanted dark rings are a direct result of the natural process of aging that everyone goes through.


You’d think of sneezes and sniffles when talking of allergies. But allergies can contribute to dark circles too. Here’s how — exposure to allergens triggers the release of a chemical called histamine, which dilates blood vessels and causes a surge of blood flow under the eyes. When this happens, the blood capillaries become more noticeable, causing dark circles. 

With allergies come itchy eyes, increasing the tendency to scratch and rub the sensitive area below the eyes. These actions often cause swollen eyes, inflamed skin and broken blood vessels. As miserable as allergies can be, they can worsen the problem of dark circles for many


Lack of hydration severely impacts the skin in general, making it look dull and damaged. Since the under-eye skin is particularly sensitive, dehydration can wreak havoc on it, making dark circles much worse. Sip on water or fluids throughout the day for well-hydrated skin that helps diminish the appearance of dark circles and age spots. 

Lack of Sleep

woman lying awake with alarm clock next to bedGet your beauty sleep to reduce the severity of dark circles. Sleep deprivation over an extended period makes skin look dull and blotchy, and when you’re already dealing with under-eye rings, it often heightens the problem. Plus, not getting a good night’s sleep triggers fluid retention beneath the eyes, causing them to look puffy. Counter both these skin problems by ensuring you’re getting enough sleep.

Eye Strain

Love binge-watching TV shows? Staring at your computer screen for long hours when at work? Sounds familiar right? The modern-day lifestyle has everyone using electronic devices all the time, but it’s not the best for the periorbital area. Increased exposure to the blue light from electronic screens causes immense strain on the skin and muscles around the eyes, which causes the red blood cells to move off track and pool around. Since the skin under the eyelids is relatively thin, it’s easy to see the red blood cells migrate, appearing as a darker tint underneath the eyes. If you have a job that requires long hours spent in front of a computer screen, frequently take small breaks—even if for 30 seconds every hour. Look away from the monitor to calm your eyes.

Sun Overexposure

Summer on the beach — sounds great right? But, if dark circles are your concern, spending long hours in the hot sun will compound this problem. The UV rays from the sunlight trigger melanin production, which may intensify the brownish tone of dark circles and also make wrinkles and fine lines more visible. Stock up on wide-brimmed hats, UV blocking sunglasses and slather on a broad-spectrum sunscreen to enjoy the summer sun without it damaging your skin and eyes.

Your Food Habits 

Foods high in salt and caffeine cause fluid buildup that lead to puffy eyes and pronounced dark circles. Watch what you eat, and see if it makes a difference. Coffee Cup on Wood

Smoking and Alcohol

Tobacco constricts the blood vessels around the eyes, leading to pale skin that makes dark circles more visible. Plus, cigarettes contain chemicals that create a toxic overload on the body, resulting in degeneration of skin in general. Drinking too much alcohol also has similar damaging effects on your overall health, which results in dull skin showing up issues like dark circles and wrinkles.

Now that you’re aware of the top reasons that lead to under-eye dark circles, take steps to take prevention action. Stick to a healthy diet that nourishes your skin and invest in high-quality skincare products that can help you combat this nagging skin problem. This we say again: the under-eye skin is by far the most delicate, so treat it with gentle care. Knowing the causes and trying to avoid them goes a long way in helping you deal with dark circles.

Topical Treatments For Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

Topical Treatments For Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

Sure, eight hours of sleep, a balanced diet and a totally stress-free life are what we all strive for. But, life happens and not everything is perfect all the time, and our poor eyes suffer the most from an erratic lifestyle. Those dark shadowy rings under your eyes can dent your appearance and confidence and are often difficult to tackle. WENmedics is here to help! Learn more about the best topical treatments that work against dark circles by checking out this post. Get to know more about eye creams, serums and gels that help combat discoloration and help illuminate the skin around your eyes.

Eye Creams

Do I really need an eye cream? How are eye creams different from regular facial moisturizers? These are common questions that come to mind if you’ve never used an eye cream but want to try one. Well, here’s the answer — an eye cream is specially formulated for the delicate under-eye skin, so it’s much thicker than a traditional moisturizer. Since the periorbital skin is really sensitive, it gets dehydrated much faster and shows signs of aging more than any other part of the face. Eye creams address this problem with their moisture-rich formulation that delivers intense hydration to the under-eye area. Plus, most of these eye creams are fortified with skin-repairing ingredients that improve elasticity, prevent water loss and boost collagen production. Thanks to all these properties, an eye cream is an absolute must-have in your skincare kit.

Eye Serums

This skincare product is creating a buzz in beauty circles and it’s truly worth all the hype. So, what exactly is an eye serum? It’s a powerful skin care product with a lightweight formula that penetrates deep and delivers the active ingredients to the under-eye area. Eye serums can effectively treat a variety of issues such as wrinkles, crow’s feet and dark circles. It contains powerful anti-aging ingredients that boost skin suppleness and lighten the brown rings around your eyes. Estheticians and beauty experts recommend eye serum because of its effectiveness in being able to penetrate deeper into the skin for targeted delivery of moisture and key ingredients. This product nourishes not just the upper layers of the epidermis but gets deep into every layer of the under-eye skin for optimal hydration and enrichment. If you’re dealing with stubborn dark circles, we recommend investing in a high-quality serum that contains a good blend of effective botanicals and clinically proven ingredients such as peptides.

Eye Gel

If you’re looking for a lightweight skincare product that delivers the same benefits as an eye cream, an eye gel is a great pick. As the name suggests, it has a thin gel-like texture with a higher water content than eye creams. The water-based formula makes eye gels a practical choice for those with oily skin. They’re quick-absorbing and wear beautifully under makeup, feeling almost like a second skin. There’s no oily residue or greasy finish, making it a very functional skincare product that’s perfect for everyday use. Just because they’re water-based and lightweight, doesn’t mean that they’re not potent. In fact, eye gels get deep into the skin and have a cooling effect, which helps to soothe dry skin around the eyes. Powerful hydration delivers excellent results, and you’ll notice visible improvements with dark circles and wrinkles once you add this product to your skincare regime.

Skin Care Topical Treatments: Top FAQs

When it comes to buying and using skincare products for the eye area, most people have several questions. That’s the reason we’ve put together this FAQ section, where you can find valid answers.

What’s the difference between an eye cream, serum and gel?

Generally speaking, all these three products are designed to rejuvenate and nourish the under-eye area. But, there are key differences between them, which you must know.

Eye creams are more preventive in nature, which means they prevent the under-eye skin from developing issues such as wrinkles and dark circles by providing hydration, improving moisture balance and protecting the skin barrier from damage. The earlier you start incorporating eye creams into your daily routine, the better it is for your under-eye skin.

Eye serums are beneficial for those already dealing with wrinkles and dark circles. They feature anti-aging ingredients that help the skin build collagen for more supple under-eye skin, Plus, the lightweight formula gets deep into all layers of the skin, repairing damaged skin and reducing the severity of wrinkles and dark circles.

Eye gels are super lightweight with a more liquid consistency, and they’re also highly effective in treating wrinkles and dark circles. Their formulation is refreshing and quick-absorbing, which makes them a good fit for those with oily skin.

Which topical treatment product is best for me?

Now that you know the key differences between the three main types of skincare products for dark circles, making the right choice should be easy. Here are a few more tips to help you:

  • Pay attention to your skin type. For those with oily under-eye skin, heavy creams may not work. In this case, opt for eye gels that moisturize without clogging the skin. Conversely, if you have very dry skin, choose an eye cream that saturates the complexion and locks in moisture for a longer period of time.
  • Eye serums are suitable for virtually all skin types and are a great pick if you’re dealing with severe dark circles and wrinkles.
  • Age is a key factor too. Younger skin where wrinkles and dark circles have not yet set-in can benefit from preventive products like eye creams and eye gels. For mature skin that’s showing visible signs of aging, we suggest investing in reparative eye serums.
  • Choosing the right skincare product makes a vital difference to how you look and feel. Keep in mind our tips the next time you head to shop for a product to address dark circles. The right formulation that includes high-quality ingredients can quickly reverse those pesky under-eye rings for healthy and beautiful eyes filled with vigor and vitality.

    The Golden Rules Of Summer Skin Care!

    The Golden Rules Of Summer Skin Care!

    Ah, the golden summer sunshine! It’s time to bid goodbye to the dark and dreary winter days and say hello to beautiful summer days. But, before you plan those fun beach outings and dream of lounging poolside on a Friday evening, think about getting your skincare in place. The warm sunshine sure feels great on the skin, but it can accelerate signs of aging, making wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, and hyperpigmentation appear more visible. Increased humidity also means more sweat, which can lead to breakouts and pimples. So, what are some things you can do to keep your skin cool, healthy, and hydrated all season long? We’d suggest switching up your skincare routine to account for all these skin issues that may crop up during this time of the year. Not sure where to start, or how to go about it? Here's some easy and effective ways to elevate your summer skincare routine.

    Layer on SPF

    Sunscreen should be worn all year round, but given that most people spend a lot of time outdoors during the summer, sunscreen becomes more important during this season. Beauty experts recommend a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. The product goes on all exposed areas of the body, including the neck, arms, hands, feet, ears, and lips. Don’t forget to reapply sunscreen every two hours or after swimming or working up a sweat. Confused about how much product you need to apply? We’d say about half a teaspoon for your face and neck, and a full teaspoon per limb.



    Protect Your Skin From the Sun

    As much as we all enjoy the warmth of the sun, it’s important to shield the skin from harsh UV rays. If possible, avoid the sun during the peak hours or use an umbrella to prevent the direct rays of the sun from hitting your skin. Protective clothing such as a broad-brimmed hat and UV blocking sunglasses are highly recommended if you’re going to be spending long hours out in the sun. Before making a dash outdoors, stock up on these summertime clothing essentials that’ll not just make you look hip, but also protect your sensitive skin from the damaging rays of the sun.

    Use Lightweight Skincare Products

    The sultry summer heat can make sebaceous glands in the skin more active, leading to more oiliness. It’s therefore important to swap out heavy-duty products for lighter and water-based formulations. This will prevent clogged pores and allow your skin to breathe better, ensuring problem-free skin throughout the hot summer months.

    Cleanse Twice Daily

    Come summer most people love spending more time outdoors, which also means increased exposure to dust, dirt, and environmental pollution. The hot weather makes you sweat more and all this–combined with the tendency of the skin to become oilier during the summer–can certainly wreak havoc on your complexion. Gentle cleansing twice daily is a must during this time. As soon as you wake up, use a gentle foam cleanser to wash away oil and sweat that may have accumulated overnight. Remember to use it at night as well before bed to clean traces of makeup, dirt, and grime, so the clean skin can repair itself as you enjoy restful slumber.

    Don’t Skip the Moisturizer

    Even though it’s hot and sweaty, your skin still requires hydration to keep it soft and supple. We recommend using a light, water-based moisturizer twice daily. A non-comedogenic formula is the best since it won’t clog your pores, preventing breakouts and acne. The best benefit of using a water-based moisturizer for summer is that it gets absorbed easily without making the skin feel greasy, which makes it super comfortable to wear. Bonus — unlike a cream formula, a lightweight moisturizer won’t run or drip even if you sweat in the hot weather. If using too many skincare products is not your thing, consider a two-in-one moisturizer that also includes SPF. So, you get the moisturizing benefits alongside sun protection in a single product. If you’re using a dual moisturizer+SPF, make sure it’s SPF 30 or above, and don’t forget to reapply every 2-3 hours.

    Cut Down on Long Showers

    Between workouts, beach days, and good old summer sweat, many of us shower more than once a day during the summer. Dermatologists recommend keeping showers short, around four to five minutes. Also, be cautious not to use very hot water when showering as this can lead to over-drying your skin, causing redness, inflammation, and even summertime eczema.

    Use “Barely-There” Makeup

    Keep your complexion looking fresh and breezy this summer with minimal makeup. Too much makeup can clog your pores, add to it sweat and oiliness, and you have the perfect recipe for unwanted breakouts and acne. Try using fewer products to keep things simple. For instance, instead of using a separate moisturizer and foundation, try a tinted moisturizer that matches your skin tone. This is a great way to get cake-free coverage that will hold up in the heat without blocking pores. The result? A flawless, fresh-faced finish that will last all day. All makeup products you use must be non comedogenic to prevent clogged pores.

    Embrace summer in all its glory with our easy-to-follow skincare tips. Enjoy the long days and brilliant sunshine while taking optimal care of your skin!

    The 7 Best Ways to Keep Under Eye Skin Plump and Hydrated!

    The 7 Best Ways to Keep Under Eye Skin Plump and Hydrated!

    Moisturizing is the key to maintaining healthy and radiant skin. The skin around your eyes is 40% thinner than the rest of the face, which makes it highly prone to showing signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles. While many of these conditions can stem from a variety of causes, including genetics, dry skin is a top culprit, and it’s one that you can certainly control and reverse. By hydrating parched skin around the eyes, it’s possible to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles. There are several ways to do this, and here we’re outlining some important do’s and don’ts for moisturizing your under-eye skin.

    Up Your Water Intake

    We can’t stress this enough — water is the elixir for your skin! Be it the facial, neck, or under-eye skin, water helps the complexion remain supple, elastic, and glowing. Aim to drink at least eight to ten glasses of water daily. When you’re dehydrated, it shows up first on the skin, causing it to look dry, dull, and dehydrated. Dry skin creates wrinkles and fine lines. Dark circles appear more noticeable, and instead of bright and beautiful eyes, you end up with tired eyes. Keeping yourself hydrated from within is a natural remedy that helps prevent and treat under-eye skin conditions.

    Don’t Forget Sunscreen

    UV rays of the sun can strip the complexion of its natural moisture, making it look dry and leathery. The delicate skin around the eyes can get easily damaged with prolonged exposure to the sun. While we all want to enjoy the gorgeous summer sunshine, wearing sunscreen is an absolute must to protect your complexion. Opt for a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. Apply all over the exposed parts of your body, and don’t forget the under-eye area. Apply every morning and reapply periodically throughout the day for optimum coverage.

    Invest in Skincare Products For Eyes

    Wenmedics_Hydrate Skin

    To boost your under-eye skin, you need skin care products that are designed for that delicate area of your skin. A regular moisturizer can do the job for the facial skin, but when it comes to the under-eye area, you need targeted products. Eye creams are a must-have in your beauty routine. They have a rich and creamy texture with intense hydration power. Applying an eye cream twice daily is a great way to ensure the under-eye skin receives the extra care and hydration it requires. These creams feature skin-nourishing active ingredients like hyaluronic acid that draws moisture to the skin and replenishes the natural skin barrier, preventing and fighting skin woes such as wrinkles and dark circles. If you have oily skin and need something more lightweight, try an eye gel. It delivers equal hydration similar to eye cream but has a lightweight texture that’s well-suited for oily and acne-prone skin and daytime use. If you’re already battling wrinkles and dark circles, we highly recommend that you add an eye serum to your beauty routine. This product contains age-fighting ingredients such as peptides and potent botanical herbs that can reverse wrinkles, dark circles, and crow’s feet.

    Avoid Harsh Products

    When selecting skin care products for the under-eye zone, read ingredients on the labels carefully. This will help you know if the item contains any harmful ingredients that can further irritate dry skin. As a rule, stay away from skincare products that contain alcohol, harsh fragrances, and harmful chemicals like parabens. Products with clinically proven elements such as peptides and natural components are the best not just for your under-eye skin but for the entire facial skin.

    Avoid Washing Face With Hot Water

    Avoid Hot Showers on Face to Retain Moister on your Skin

    We all love a long soothing shower under warm water after a long day. It may feel relaxing, but long showers in very hot water can damage dry skin even further. Hot water strips the skin of its natural oils and is not recommended, especially for those with dry skin and under-eye skin concerns. Wash your face with lukewarm or cool water to refresh your skin, and follow it up with a moisturizer or an eye cream. Applying eye cream over moist skin yields the best results by locking in the moisture for smooth and supple under-eye skin.

    Manage Eye Stress

    Soothe Tired Eyes

    Yes, that’s a thing! The sensitive area underneath the eyes can get easily irritated by constant rubbing, tugging, or itching. Avoid these actions for healthier under-eye skin. Also, be mindful of the eye makeup products you use. Toss away all expired makeup, as these can cause eye and skin irritation. If you’re suffering from a flare-up of dry skin, we suggest you reduce the usage of eye cosmetics until the skin settles down. Remember to remove all traces of makeup before going to bed, and use a gentle cleanser to do this. Cleanse the under-eye area very gently without excessive rubbing to get rid of eye makeup. Give tired eyes a soothing burst by taking some time off during the day. Place chilled cucumber slices or tea bags on your eyelids and relax for a few minutes. Your tired eyes will thank you!

    Healthy Diet and Skin Supplements

    Let’s lay some facts bare — skincare products work only if you feed your body with nourishing foods. A healthy diet rich in whole grains, protein, fruits, and veggies is the gold standard for attaining good health and glowing skin. To keep your under-eye skin supple and radiant, switch to a healthy diet and watch your intake of salt, alcohol, and sugar. To bolster your skin, take the help of supplements such as Vitamin C, E, and fatty acids that’ll help give your complexion the youthful skin that you so desire.

    Learn more about the importance of a healthy diet and skin supplements

    Learn more about WENmedics new skin products that will rejuvenate your skin

    Achieving dewy skin is not that difficult if you follow our tips. With a healthy lifestyle, good skincare products, and some extra care, your parched under-eye skin can regain its radiance.

    Eye Care Routine for Crow’s Feet, Dark Circles, and Under-Eye Puffiness

    Eye Care Routine for Crow’s Feet, Dark Circles, and Under-Eye Puffiness
    Are you noticing signs of stress and aging under your eyes? Are dark circles, puffy eyes, and wrinkles around the eyes stealing your confidence? These are common problems, but they’re also stubborn and hard to get rid of. But, hang on! With simple updates to your eye care routine, you can achieve significant improvements to your under-eye skin issues. Here’s a helpful guide that puts together simple skincare tips that’ll help wake up tired eyes, soothe puffiness, and lighten those dark circles. Plus, you’ll love how quick and easy these hacks are, ideal for those with a bustling schedule.

    Follow a Regular Skincare Routine

    Approach your beauty routine with a plan. Stick to it on a daily basis to see improvements in how your under-eye skin looks and feels. Take a look at some important steps:

    Gently Cleanse the Under Eye Skin

    Cleansing is the first and most vital step of any skincare routine. But, because we’re paying special attention to the under-eye area, it’s important to be gentle and choose a non-drying facial cleanser. We recommend using a cream facial cleanser — gently massage the cleanser onto the facial skin, rinse with lukewarm water, and gently pat dry with a towel. Ensure you don’t rub your skin vigorously, especially the periorbital area during cleansing or drying. You could also use an oil-based eye makeup remover to get rid of any traces of makeup and built-up dirt before moving on to using a soap-based cleanser. This step is recommended if you use a lot of eye makeup. The makeup remover helps draw out all traces of makeup to ready your skin for the wash.

    Pat On an Eye Serum

    An eye serum is one of the most important products to attack dark circles, crow’s feet, and puffy eyes. It contains a higher percentage of age-fighting active ingredients such as peptides and has a super lightweight formulation that the skin can easily absorb. To apply the serum, take a little product onto your fingertips and gently dab all around your eyes. Be careful not to apply too much pressure as you pat on the serum in the periorbital zone. You can also use gentle circular motions to even out the product and ensure you’re covering the entire area under your eyes.

    Apply an Anti-Aging Moisturizer

    Moisturizing is an important part of any skincare routine, and when trying to tackle dark circles, puffy eyes, and wrinkles, this step becomes even more crucial. Opt for a lightweight yet hydrating product with anti-aging ingredients such as retinol, ceramides, or Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs). These anti-aging elements not just hydrate the skin, but they boost collagen production to smooth wrinkles and diminish aging signs such as crow’s feet. Apply all over the face, neck, and under-eye area in gentle circular motions for smooth and radiant skin.

    Choose an Eye Cream

    The final step of an eye care routine is to apply a nourishing eye cream to lock in the moisture and give your under-eye skin soothing nourishment. Specially formulated to deliver moisture and nourishment to the delicate skin underneath the eyes, an eye cream is an absolute must if you’re looking to fight dark circles and puffiness. Choose a product with skin-nourishing natural ingredients and clinically proven elements such as peptides to keep dark circles and wrinkles at bay. Look for ingredients like green tea, Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and aloe vera to rejuvenate your under-eye skin. Choosing an eye cream with a mix of potent botanicals and skin-enhancing peptides helps brighten and even out the skin and makes it supple and glowing. Fortify your skincare routine with an eye cream and chase away those wrinkles and dark circles!

    Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

    Cover your fragile skin

    Harsh UV rays are one of the main causes of wrinkles and dark circles. If you’re following this skincare routine at the beginning of the day, don’t forget the all-important sunscreen. As the last step, apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher all over your face, neck, and under-eye skin. If time is a concern, choose a moisturizer with SPF, so you can cut down on the number of steps in your skincare routine. To protect your delicate under-eye skin while you’re out in the sun, take other preventive measures too, such as wearing UV-blocking sunglasses and a broad-brimmed hat.

    Give Your Skin a Breather

    Modern life is always about being on the go. Well, slowly but surely this hectic pace catches up with us and before we know it, the fragile skin underneath the eyes is the first to take the beating. Give yourself and your tired skin a well-deserved break at least once during the day. Your skin will be super thankful for this! How to do this — it’s simple, find a quiet spot, take a break from the computer screen or whatever you’re doing, and give yourself 15 minutes of calm and relaxation. Close your eyes and relax during this time. If possible, apply a cold compress or chilled tea bags to your eyes. Once it’s done, wake up to a renewed sense of refreshment with rejuvenated skin and sparkly eyes.

    Practice Daily Self-Care

    wenmedics skin care regime Dark circles, wrinkles, and other skin issues are often due to a combination of stress, environmental aggressors, an unhealthy diet, and poor lifestyle choices. As part of your skincare routine, make it a point to eat healthy and stay active. Yoga, meditation, cardio, strength training-or any form of sport you enjoy-are great ways to boost your mental and physical health. When you’re in a happy and healthy state of mind, it reflects on your skin too and helps alleviate several problems including dark circles and wrinkles.

    Give your under-eye some extra TLC by following our easy tips. Make them a part of your everyday routine and you’ll see that dark circles and wrinkles are no longer a problem. Hello, youthful complexion!

    Daily Facial Regime that works

    Daily Facial Regime that works


    In the morning as soon as you wake up, wash your face with a mild cleanser. Choose one that’s appropriate for your skin type, whether it’s dry, normal, combination or oily. You may not find the perfect cleanser on your first try—that’s normal. Keep trying and don’t be afraid to throw products out if you’re not satisfied. Think of it as an investment in yourself.

    Cleansing at night is equally important, especially if you spend the day outside. When you expose your skin to the elements, it picks up all sorts of junk that cannot be left on the skin overnight. Before you go to bed or as soon as you get home, take all your makeup off and cleanse all that dirt and bacteria off. One of the worst things you can do is to fall into bed right after a long night of partying without cleansing the face



    Toners have a bad reputation for being drying because of the alcohol content. Not all toners are drying, and those with oily skin can benefit greatly from this step. Toners restore your skin’s natural pH level and get rid of any oils and bacteria that didn’t come off when you cleansed. For dry skin toners are not necessary pure rosemary water should surfice



    Your skin may feel a bit tight after toning. A moisturizer will help with that. Choose cream-based moisturizers like the Advance PM Moisturizer,  for normal to combination skin, while a gel moisturizer would be best for oily skin. People with oily skin tend to skip this step because they claim it causes breakouts. This isn’t necessarily true. It may be because they are using products that weren’t made for their skin type. Wenmedics Hyaluronic Acid Elixir is ideal for all skin types including oily skin and will help with moisturizing the skin



    Load up on sunscreen even if you’re at home. Chances are you’ll still be exposed to ultraviolet rays. Stepping outside to get the mail or picking a fruit from your tree are simple ways to get you under the sun. Without any protection, you are at risk for premature aging and carcinomas. If you’re walking to the office, that’s all the more reason for you to protect yourself against the sun.


    Repair Creams and Serums (Night)

    Sometimes your night creams are two-in-one products that also contain moisturizing agents. If that’s the case, you can replace the moisturizer for your night cream of choice such as the Wrinkles Fade Your skin needs time to recover from whatever stress you put it through, so make sure you have a product ready to give it a little boost.

    You may also opt for serums that are formulated specifically using antioxidants to strengthen the skin against the early signs of aging. WENmedic Hyaluronic Acid Elixir , renews the skin at a cellular level, leaving it firmer and brighter. Another amazing product Wrinkles Fade, is a light, greaseless formula that accelerates collagen production and regenerates the elasticity of the skin in less than a month. You no longer have to pay obscene amounts of money for a shot that takes a minute to administer.

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