About Us

Made with love, for the ones we love.

For us, skincare isn’t just a business. It’s personal. Our products have been carefully crafted for those closest to us -our friends and family – to help them find healthier happier skin. We started out by developing a range of products that are a unique blend of science and nature to help solve the specific individual skincare needs of the ones that we love. 


But our love doesn’t have limits and we wanted to find a way to help as many people as possible. So we founded WENmedics. We know we can’t create a tailored product for every individual, but we also know that the problems our friends, sisters, aunties and daughters face are the same problems that millions of people around the world face every day. So if we can solve the problem for them, then we know we can help solve the problem for you too.

Our Vision: 

To help friends, family, and everyone else around the world have better, healthier skin.

What do you see when you look in the mirror? We want your gaze to inspire joy, to make you feel accomplished, empowered, and beautiful. Great skincare does that: it is uplifting and inspiring to see the skin you desire when you look in the mirror. 

Our vision starts with those closest to us. In formulating products and treatments for our families and friends, we arrived at the conclusion that our products could benefit people everywhere. Our line of powerful remedies is here to address all of your skincare concerns, with solutions that are plant-based and science-proven.

Our vision begins with our families and friends, but is fully realized by expanding our product line to you, and for everyone around the world. Everybody deserves great skincare, and WENmedics makes this possible. In doing so, our vision is realized.

Our Mission: 

Made with love for the ones we love. 

Our passion is to craft highly effective skincare products that make beautiful skin accessible for everyone, and this informs our mission, each and every day.

Our Values:

At WENmedics, we would be lost if not for our values. They are:

  • Commitment to Cruelty-Free: Our products will never be tested on animals.
  • Highest Potency: Our products contain powerful ingredients in concentrations that are proven to work.
  • No Harsh Chemicals: No parabens, EDTA, synthetic colorants or fragrances, no phthalates, no petrochemicals. These have no place in our products.
  • Ingredient Efficiency: We aim to make the most effective products using the fewest ingredients possible. 
  • Plant-based: The power of plants has been proven for thousands of years; we utilize this knowledge to create our specialty formulations.
  • Made in the USA: Our products are manufactured in the only place in the world committed to our expectations for quality and conformity.

Our Promise:

Our founder, Wen Giwa-Osagie, spent nearly two decades researching, developing and formulating her products, starting with skincare products for the family and friends closest to her before branching out into developing formulas for everyone. Her passion for highly effective, plant-based products fuels everything WENmedics does, from the designation of the manufacturing to the product packaging materials and content to the maintenance of our digital presence. WENmedics commits 100% to our products’ strength and potency, to ensure you always receive plant-based, science-proven formulations that are perfect for your skin.