15 Black Friday Skincare Tips & Tricks

Whether you want to make sure you can show up for Black Friday with your skin at ultimate glow, or are looking for some ways to keep your complexion as merry and bright as the holidays themselves, we have the latest, greatest skincare tips and tricks for you. 


Start With The Eyes


  1. Take care of your eye area skin

Aside from being the windows to the soul, the eyes are where signs of aging really start for facial skin. You’ll find fine lines and wrinkles under and around the eyes more than anywhere else on the face, neck, or decolleté. This is because the skin around the eyes is thinner and more delicate than anywhere else. Even if you are in your 20s, using effective eye creams and eye treatments now will help prevent the formation of fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness. It’s never too early to start a great eye area regimen, such as WENmedics 24 Hour Recovery Eye Cream, that will keep your skin glowing and gorgeous for the holiday season and beyond.


  1. Wear sunglasses to protect yourself from crow’s feet

Sun damage quickly causes the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, often called laugh lines or crow’s feet, in the corner of the eyes. Keep this from happening by keeping your sunnies on any time you are out in the sun. Your eye area will thank you, especially if you are in and out of stores and malls during your Black Friday shopping.


  1. Massage may help reduce under-eye circles

Dark under-eye circles can be tough to address. One method to try is to gently massage the area underneath the eyes to increase the circulation in and underneath the skin. Poor circulation, which often happens naturally in more thin-skinned areas, can lead to blood pooling and capillaries bursting, which are both factors in the formation of dark circles. You can give your eye area this little massage whenever you apply eye creams, such as WENmedics 24 Hour Recovery Eye Cream, or eye treatments, such as WENmedics Dark Circles Eye Treatment.


Exfoliation + Moisture


  1. Exfoliate to buff away dull, dry skin.

Use an exfoliating scrub as often as your skin will tolerate it, though not more often than every other day as over-exfoliation may damage it. Usually 2-3 times a week will suffice. Exfoliation helps buff away old, dead, dull, and dry skin and uncover new, glowing, beautiful skin just in time for your Black Friday shopping plans, a date under the mistletoe, a holiday gathering, and more! Regular exfoliation is the key to keeping your skin healthy and glowing and, as we all know, healthy, glowing skin is the best accessory to have for the holidays!


  1. Defeat dry skin with moisture.

If you typically have dry skin, then you know how much winter worsens it. Being constantly exposed to blowing air-conditioning and heating systems, extremely dry indoor air in general, and cold, deeply dry air outside wreaks havoc on dry skin. As soon as you get out of the shower, do your skincare, so that you can lock in the moisture from the shower with a layer of potent moisturizer that seals it all in, keeping your skin moisturized.


  1. Don’t over-moisturize.

If a little moisturizer is good for dry skin, a lot of moisturizer is even better, right? Wrong. Too much moisturizer on the skin can lead to milia, the tiny white bumps that result from dead skin cells being trapped under living cells, and other breakouts. If you think you’re doing everything right but you still end up with skin that is breaking out, try lowering the amount of moisturizer you slather on. High-quality moisturizers such as WENmedics’ Vegan Face and Eye Cream don’t require a whole lot of product -OR a separate eye cream- to get the job done.


Be Aware of Environmental Factors


  1. Wear SPF if you spend a lot of time outside, even if it is gray and dreary.

The UVA and UVB rays from the sun can still come through clour cover to damage your skin, and some studies suggest that cloud cover can actually worsen sun exposure. If you plan to spend a few hours or more of the day outside, apply sunscreen. If you are concerned about the various chemicals in sunscreens, look for one that is made primarily or entirely with zinc, which acts as an effective physical blocker to the sun. Also, don’t forget your Vitamin C. Vitamin C has been proven to make SPF more effective, so make sure you layer a Vitamin C serum beneath your moisturizer and then add sunscreen to give your SPF a boost.  


  1. Smoking is bad news for your skin.

We all know by now that smoking is bad for your skin; it is one of the leading preventable causes of the signs of aging, especially in fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, and all over the face. Recently, evidence has shown that secondhand smoke is also terrible for your skin. Just being around smokers can cause your skin to age prematurely. If you do smoke, quit, for the sake of your skin and your overall health. If you don’t smoke, don’t hang out around people who do. If a party is being planned for a smoky bar, maybe see if you can get everyone to meet for brunch, instead. Certainly, remove yourself from any situations where you encounter secondhand smoke. It affects your skin and also your overall health, too. 


  1. Alcohol is severely dehydrating to the skin.

There are many reasons to reduce your daily intake of alcohol, but one of those reasons is that you are giving your skin a break. Alcohol severely dehydrates human beings overall, but one place it shows up the most is in your skin. Simply reducing your intake by one drink per day can help you achieve gorgeous, glowing skin much more easily.


  1. Caffeine dehydrates your skin, too.

If you’ve noticed your skin seems drier than usual, take a look at your caffeine consumption. Caffeine dehydrates the skin, too, so if you’ve got a wicked Starbucks habit or spend way too much time packing your coffee for work every day, you might be seeing the effects of too much caffeine in your skin. Before you think your caffeine needs are simply ruined, try switching to green tea. It has about half the caffeine as coffee so it won’t make you jittery, and the catechins like ECGC in green tea give your skin a welcome antioxidant boost. 


  1. A lack of sleep affects your skin.

We largely don’t even know why sleep is so essential to human beings in the first place, but anyone who has ever dealt with insomnia knows that sleep is incredibly important for our skin. When we don’t get enough sleep, you can see it on our faces, in our eyes, in our deepening fine lines and wrinkles, in the dull, grayish color of our skin and its lifeless tone. Aim for 7-8 hours per night for glowing, beautiful skin.


  1. The way we sleep may affect the development of wrinkles.

Sleeping face-down or on our sides can leave sleep lines on our faces, and these lines easily deepen and blossom into fine lines and wrinkles. For sleep that won’t leave lines on your face, try sleeping on your back.


The Good News


  1. Exercise is great for our skin.

Whether it’s dancing in the twinkling-lighted dark, having an impromptu snowball fight, or shoveling off your neighbor’s car in addition to yours in the morning, exercise increases your blood flow throughout your body, and especially in your face. For glowing skin, aim for 3-4 periods of moderate exercise per week for 30 minutes each. The difference in your skin will be immediate.


  1. Eating fish is extremely healthy for the skin.

Eating fish two or more times a week gives the skin a boost of protective oils. Eating fish also gives you the essential fatty acids that your skin craves to help repair, replenish and rejuvenate. Vegetarian or vegan? Find these same qualities and essential fatty acids in high lignan flax and other plant-based oils, usually found refrigerated in your grocery store’s supplements aisle.


  1. Easily bust breakouts by not touching your face.

It can be a tough habit to break, but not touching our faces means we’re also not introducing everything that our hands have touched to our facial skin. Even if all you’ve done is use your cell phone that day, phones are often like petri dishes for bacterial growth that love to get nice and comfy in your dermal layers. This can lead to breakouts, the production of milia, troubles with cystic acne, and more. Want to improve your skin easily? Stop touching your face.  

We hope you’ve found some great tools to use to get glowing skin this Black Friday through Cyber Monday and beyond! You can find shockingly low prices on your favorite skincare this Black Friday Weekend at https://wenmedics.com.

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